David Mexico Bio

Over the years, David Mexico has become renowned for creating a new paradigm in architecture and design. In fact, the words “design” and “architecture” do not do justice to the kind of innovation that clients have come to expect from David and his teams. He formed David Mexico Design Group to ignite a new kind of dialogue about these disciplines, by continually raising the bar and exceeding clients’ expectations.

In his 30 years in the design and architecture industries, David’s drive, passion and dedication have amazed his contemporaries the world over. He has amassed an impressive repertoire of accomplishments and contributed his vision to countless award- winning projects. His talent was fostered while still in high school, and after college he joined Peterhansrea-Design in Birmingham, Michigan as a Senior Designer. Shortly thereafter, he went on to join Rockwell Group in New York, designing everything from entertainment spaces, restaurants and clubs, to Master Planning and brand creation. David’s talents were instantly recognized as he became an industry trendsetter.

As Principal and Studio Leader at Rockwell Group, he fostered one of the most diverse and talented teams within the firm and created design strategies that were later considered groundbreaking. David solidified his reputation as one of the most exciting visionaries working in the design and architecture fields today and amassed a following of loyal clients.

Throughout his distinguished career, David has worked on more than 800 projects, won countless awards, spoken at some of the world’s most prestigious conferences, and garnered universal praise from his peers. Among some of the most renowned are: Crystals at CityCenter in Las Vegas, the Disney Cruise Line, Nobu Restaurants, Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, Emeril Lagasse restaurants in New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami and Orlando, Sushi Samba Rio in Chicago, Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill restaurants in Las Vegas and the Bahamas, Bar Americain in New York and Connecticut, Watercolor Inn in Florida, Heinz Stadium Master Plan and Concourse Grand Hall in Pittsburgh, Comerica Park in Detroit, and the Phantom of the Opera Theater and stage set in Las Vegas. He continues to seek out new and revolutionary design practices and is constantly creating new approaches that go on to become industry standards.

Team Bio

Just as David Mexico has curated unforgettable experiences over the course of his 30-year career, so has he curated one of the most diverse, forward-thinking and capable design teams in the world. David Mexico Design Group creates a new paradigm, one that integrates the arts, media and technology in ways not often associated with architecture and design.

Throughout his career, David has asserted that true talent is the ability to recognize the unique strengths of others. To round out his team, David has handpicked an array of forward-thinking individuals who each offer something singular and invaluable to the team’s overall vision. By applying cutting edge ideas, innate taste and unconventional yet relevant solutions to every project, the DMDG team breaks the mold, ignites dialogue and inspires timelessness.

David Mexico Design Group’s diverse team of varied professionals thrives on pushing the envelope of what is currently being seen in the worlds of design and architecture today. With these visionaries at the helm, you can rest assured the final outcome will exceed expectations and surpass goals once thought unattainable.