The David Mexico Design Group is committed to a vision of a world in which occupant and environment are at play. DMDG believes that since we, as humans, are not static, our environments shouldn’t be, either – they should interact with us and come to life, creating a lasting experience. Here at DMDG, we view ourselves as choreographers of experience and curators of spaces that captivate the mind, body and spirit. With every new project, no matter what the scope or magnitude, DMDG’s work redefines the realm of life’s experiences.

The world is based on a composition of elements; it is how you arrange these elements that spark interest, create excitement and draw attention. Through the interplay of media, technology and entertainment, DMDG seeks to create timeless experiences and inspire lasting impressions. Whether concepting a brand or creating a master plan, we strive to divulge all aspects of creativity through the use of innovation, curation and intuitive thought. We believe that when combined, these elements have the power to evolve our consciousness and elevate the possibility of what the world can achieve next.

Today, David and his team are cultivating a vision which manifests the passions and desires that have inspired his creative designs for the last two decades. This revolutionary style is destined to become a new design paradigm, and DMDG is currently seeking collaborations that will be on the forefront of this cutting-edge vision.